Screenwriting 101: How to create compelling characters.

When it comes to writing an excellent story it's important that create compelling characters! My motto is characters drive the narrative, not the opposite.

#1 Make Your Characters Relatable & Likable

No matter the genre, each character must feel real and realeatble on some level. Even if it's a fictional character. As we are watching your story unfold, one of the first things we get to know is your characters. Many people can tell if they'll even like a story based on the characters! How do you make the characters relatable you ask?

Below are a list of things that makes a character relatable and/or Likable.

A. How they respond to adversity and opposition.

B. How they carry themselves.

C. Their core values and beliefs.

D. Their boundaries.

E. How they handle the other characters rather good or bad.

F. Their super objective/goal

G. How they communicate.

These are just a few things to consider when trying to build a relatable character. Please note that most of these identifying traits are established while drafting the character backstory/description. All of the traits listed are traits that in real life, stems from the past of that character.

Yes, your characters should have had a life before what we see unfold on screen! That's exactly what a backstory is! How were they raised? I ask that question because the environment we grew up in directly affects who we are today! I don't care if your film or series is about dinosaurs! How was baby dino taught to hunt? I ask that because maybe in your story, something challenges baby dino to hunt a different way. In turn, causing that characters way of living and thinking to be challenged. Subsequently, causing that character to grow!

Spending quality time dissecting and building your characters before actually writing the script can help with plot holes and writers block in the future. How? CHARACTERS DRIVE THE STORY! If you break them down properly, they'll make decisions and create circumstances that are authentic to them!

Relatable & likable characters is the end goal!