Procrastination and a COMPLETED story is the equivalent of oil and water. They just don't mix!

Can we normalize setting time aside to write? Because waiting for the right time to start or complete a story... is a sure way not to finish it!

Here are some common causes of #procrastination while writing:

1. Not knowing where to start.

This is very common for new writers. No knowledge of the writing process usually leads to a scriptwriting software crash course, right before diving into the #script. Without a clear vision, if I may add. That can result in undeveloped characters, plot holes, and writers block. Oh, and tons of unnecessary re-writes that drain your creative energy. Leaving you with little to no desire to finish your story.

2. You don't LOVE the story.

If you're not passionate about the story, what's the point? That's exactly what your actions follow. It's easy to skip #writing if you aren't interested in the story! Some of the best films & series were written with love and passion for the story. That's why they're successful. It is the responsibility of the writer to cultivate the vision. To become intimate with the characters and how the story unfolds. Writing what you #love keeps you inspired and most of all dedicated.

3. Creative Block!

Feeling #stuck could mean you've arrived at writers block. You are not alone. All writers have circled this block multiple times. It is oftentimes caused by plot holes. However, plot holes are created by undeveloped characters. That's why it's important to outline your story. Maybe you don't think breaking down a character is "screenwriting" but news is! Breakdown and rebuild your characters. Watch how many plot holes they climb out of.

Moral of this rant is to love what you write and spend quality time developing it!

Try This: block off 45 Minute writing sessions; 3 days per week. If you can go longer, go for it! Welcome back to #creative flow!

Happy Writing!